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Scholars Program


The WECC Scholars Program provides high school upperclassmen and college students in the Greater Boston Area with hands-on, real world experience in the different facets of community outreach, event planning, and marketing through summer internships. Interns will work directly with the West End Children’s Festival Director to plan this popular, community event and fundraiser, which takes place annually in August.


Community Outreach: Students will gain experience in establishing lasting relations with local businesses and companies through fundraising for the WECF. Past sponsors include Mass. General and the Boston Celtics. This internship will enhance skills in public relations, business writing, and community outreach.


Event Planning: Students will gain experience in the different aspects of event planning, including recruiting and coordinating with vendors, handling event logistics (e.g. securing permits, managing budget, overseeing event day activities) and more. This internship will enhance skills in budgeting, planning, management, and more!


Marketing: Students will gain experience in the different aspects of marketing by developing social media campaigns, commercials, flyers, press releases, and more for the WECF. This internship will enhance skills in marketing, digital media, graphic design, business writing, and more!


Interns will meet regularly with the WECF Director to discuss their progress and development, and to work on their Scholar portfolio. The portfolio will include a 1-2 page essay discussing their personal and professional growth throughout the program, along with examples of their work/contributions to the West End Children's Festival. Students are eligible for an academic scholarship upon their completion of the internship and portfolio and a review of their work by the WECC advisory board. Future recommendations and letters of reference may also be provided at the end of the internship program.


Please email a cover letter and your resume to if you are interested in participating in the WECC Scholars Program. We look forward to working with you!

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